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Italy: 4 destinations off the radar

Posted on 22 July 2018 by admin (0)

Italian houses on cliff at ocean | 4 destinations off the radar


Destinations Off the Radar

Italy is a destination of choice, very often acclaimed by travelers. An almost familiar destination, with the Milanese haute-couture houses, the Vatican City, the paintings of the Sistine Chapel … Rome, Venice, Florence have a lot to offer, but other Italian cities and regions also have some nice stories to tell and we too often miss them. With its mountains to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Italian landscape changes over the regions crossed, and smaller towns, more discreet or more remote, conceal treasure just as great.  For your visit to be complete, we recommend 4 destinations off the radar, which might be new to you.


Castellabate, in Campania

2 hours drive south of Naples, Castellabate is a more intimate destination where Italians love to spend their holidays. Located along the coast of the province of Salerno, just 10 minutes drive from the coast of Cilento. Castellabate is a small town of character that will seduce the curious history with its castle and its museum religious art. It also has narrow streets and squares leading to a church or chapel. Sun bathers with its beaches nearby is also very popular. Then gourmets with its restaurants with local flavors.


Lecce, in the Puglia region

Often referred to as “Florence of the South”, Lecce transports you back in time. By virtue of its numerous monuments and Baroque works of art, Lecce is also rightly called the “Baroque city”. You can see many churches such as Santa Maria della Providenza, the Basilica of Santa Croce, pretty squares like Piazzetta dell’Addolorata. And if that were not enough, Lecce also houses in the heart of the city, in Piazza Sant’Oronzoun, a Roman amphitheater dating from the second century, often used for cultural events. The atmosphere of the city is very pleasant, with its wide choice of restaurants, bars, pizzerias and quaint traditional craft shops.


Greve in Chianti, in Tuscany

Greve in Chianti is a small town that owes its reputation above all to its geographical location, in the middle of the very picturesque Chianti Classico, and to its status of regional wine capital. Listed in the heart of a valley, Greve in Chianti is organized around Piazza Matteotti lined with flowering terraces. In the middle of the square stands the imposing statue of Giovanni da Verrazzano. He was an explorer navigator, from a noble family of the city, famous for its discovery in 1524 of the site corresponding today to the port of New York. This is one of the best destinations off the radar that Italy has to offer.


The Sibylline Mountains National Park, in the Marche region

There are places in the world that have everything. The Sibillini Mountains National Park is one of them. From lakes in altitude to flourishing and multicolored meadows, the landscape changes along the hiking trails. Routes can even be traveled by car. With mountain bike trails, sports climbing walls, the park fills sports and nature lovers. Remember to plan your stay well because the park is big and there is a lot to see and do.


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